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What Is Sod? How Does Sod Work?

SOD is the top layer of grass growing on your topsoil. Purchasing sod is perfect for people in Tulsa Oklahoma who just got done with construction of a new home or anyone who would like to have thick grass growing on their Tulsa property. Tulsa Oklahoma Sod will cover dirt and immediately fix erosion, bald spots, high foot traffic pet areas, new construction of home or pool, needed curb appeal for home staging & home sales. Sod is installed in Tulsa Oklahoma year round.

How Is Sod Purchased in Tulsa, Coweta, Sand Springs, Owasso, Claremore or Broken Arrow?

In Tulsa Oklahoma and surrounding cities, sod is sold by the square foot. Sod likes water directly after installation. Our Tulsa Oklahoma sod is pre-treated for bugs, weeds, and fertilized before it arrives. When picking up sod, you will want to make sure you have a reliable transportation for your sod purchase. Sod is delivered in hand rolls or slabs on pallets and machine rolls that can only be lifted by machines. Read more about Zoysia Sod, Bermuda Sod, and Fescue Sod on our website.

How Does Sod Delivery Work In Tulsa Oklahoma and Surrounding Cities?

Tulsa Oklahoma sod delivery trucks can spot in sod pallets on at delivery site by request. Tulsa Oklahoma sod deliveries take place year round. Tulsa sod delivery is available for Tulsa residential customers and also Tulsa commercial sod delivery customers. For Tulsa commercial customers we can deliver to you hub for your trucks to deliver or directly to your job site. We deliver sod to Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, and all surrounding cities. For more information on sod delivery and current pricing call 918.928.2631

Who Does Quantum Sod Serve?

Tulsa sod installation is available for residential and commercial customers. We provide provide professional sod installation for zoysia sod, fescue sod, and bermuda sod.

How Does Wholesale Sod Pricing Work?

As a contractor or builder in the construction field your goal is to please your customer. We make sodding easy by delivering to your hub for your network of trucks to deliver.We also deliver sod directly to your job-site

When Is The Best Time To Install Sod?

Sod Is Installed year round. Call for details on the grass you are looking to get installed.

How Can I Save Money On The Cost of My Sod?

We offer contractor pricing that allow you to save based off purchase frequency and also purchase volume.

We Deliver Sod and Install Sod In All Areas Of Oklahoma Year Round.

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