Free Sod Installation & Sod Delivery Estimates | Current Tulsa Sod Pricing

In Tulsa Oklahoma and surrounding cities, sod is sold and installed year round.

At The Sod Farm:
Our Tulsa Oklahoma sod is pre-treated for bugs, weeds, and fertilized before arrival.

After Installation:
installed in Tulsa Oklahoma and surrounding cities likes water directly after installation regardless of the time of year.

When Picking up sod remember:
When picking up sod, you will want to make sure you have a reliable transportation for your sod purchase.

Commercial & Residential Sod Supply:
in Tulsa is purchased in hand rolls or slabs on pallets. Sod in Tulsa is also purchased in big rolls that can only be lifted by machines.

Learn About Sod:
Read more about Zoysia Sod, Bermuda Sod, and Fescue Sod on our website.

What Is Sod? Can Sod Installation or Sod Delivery Benefit My Oklahoma Property?

SOD is the top layer of grass growing on your topsoil. Healthy sod helps with:

* Mud Control
* Traction Control
* Erosion Control
* Curb Appeal
* New Construction & Permits
* Home Sales & Staging

How Does Sod Delivery Work In Tulsa Oklahoma and Surrounding Cities?

Delivery Truck Compacities:
* 20 Pallets
* 10 Pallets
Max Load 10,000 Square Feet.

Upon Sod Delivery Arrival:
Tulsa Oklahoma sod
delivery truck drivers can spot in sod pallets at delivery site by request. Sod Forklifts require 7 foot access for spotting in sod pallets on a sod delivery.

Sod Delivery Happens 365 Days A Year:
Tulsa Oklahoma sod
deliveries take place year round. Tulsa sod delivery is available for Tulsa residential customers and also Tulsa commercial sod delivery customers.

Order Sod Today:
We deliver sod to Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, and all surrounding cities.

Commercial & Residential:
For more information on sod delivery and current pricing call 918.928.2631

Why Would I Want Professional Installation?

Save Time:
Each pallet of sod weighs between 1800lbs and 2200 lbs. Pallets can easily be moved with professional forklifts.

Save Energy:
Spend more time doing everyday household activities.

Prevent Additional Messes and Injuries:
Healthy sod helps with mud control and traction control. Essential for childrens playgrounds, muddy shoes, and muddy paws.

Erosion Control:
Erosion over time can damage structures and become costly to replace from even a single rain storm. Sod’s roots hold topsoil in place and outside.

Sharp Deadlines:
Plan ahead and worry less. Enjoy watching larger amounts of sod be installed in shorter amounts of time, or entire developments over a longer amount of time.

Residential & Commercial:
Tulsa sod
installation is available for residential and commercial customers. We provide provide professional sod installation for zoysia sod, fescue sod, and bermuda sod.

Tulsa Sod, Sod Delivery – Tulsa Sod, Sod Installation – Broken Arrow Sod – Coweta Sod – Quantum Sod, Quantum Sod Tulsa Oklahoma - 918.928.2631
Tulsa Sod, Sod Delivery – Tulsa Sod, Sod Installation – Broken Arrow Sod – Coweta Sod – Quantum Sod, Quantum Sod Tulsa Oklahoma – 918.928.2631

Year Round Sod Delivery, Sod Installation, and Sod Supply

Call 918.928.2631 for current residential and commercial sod pricing.

We Deliver Sod and Install Sod In All Areas Of Oklahoma Year Round.

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