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Tulsa Sod | Bermuda Sod | | 918.928.2631

Bermuda Sod | | 918.928.2631

Bermuda sod is installed year round. Bermuda sod is drought resistant. Bermuda sod is common. Bermuda sod is perfect for areas in your yard that receive a lot of sunlight. It is smart to trim trees before installing Bermuda Sod. Bermuda sod needs at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Bermuda sod is cut and installed year-round compares to other variations of sod that’s only cut and installed certain times of the year. Bermuda sod reseeds itself. Bermuda sod can be installed with a machine or by hand. Bermuda sod is sold in 500 square foot pallets and 500 square foot rolls. the 500 square Bermuda sod rolls are installed by the machine

Bermuda sod can be installed by the customer. The biggest thing to remember is the sod is very very heavy. Bermuda sod pallets weigh anywhere between 1800 – 2000 pounds. Bermuda sod pallets will fit in most standard size trucks. You will want to make sure your leaf springs on your truck are strong enough to handle the weight of the sod. Heavy Bermuda sod pallets can easily damage trucks so be sure you know what your car can handle before you damage your vehicle. 

Bermuda sod loves to be pampered when its first installed. That just means be sure your sod receives plenty of water, and be sure your sod professional is putting down some kind of fertilizer or booster under your sod before installed. This will help keep your sod healthy and help the roots to learn to enjoy their new home quickly. You want your sod to have everything it needs to take root in the first couple of days. This happens by giving your Bermuda sod plenty of water. 

If you do decide to fertilize your Bermuda sod after installed try to use something natural. Stay away from fertilizer and stick with manure. Poop is natural and doesn’t produce additional heat that can burn up your Bermuda sod blades. 

Bermuda sod does reseed its self so you do not need to worry about purchasing Bermuda sod seeds. If your Bermuda lawn is struggling let your Bermuda sod grow about 6 inches tall and then cut. When you cut your sod leave the clippings it is important to do things your sod will appreciate and allow it to grow thicker and healthier. 

Bermuda Sod


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