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Fescue – – 918.928.2631


Fescue sod loves cool weather. Fescue sod loves the shade. Fescue sod needs plenty of water when installed. Fescue sod should not be installed when it’s above 90 degrees. Fescue sod needs to be reseeded every spring and every fall. A 500 Square foot pallet of sod weighs about 2,000 pounds. When you purchase fescue sod; you need to have the proper kind of truck to transport the fescue sod safely. Every truck is not built for hauling that kind of a load. Fescue sod can be installed on top of new dirt. Fescue sod is best installed 2 days after purchase. Do not leave your fescue sod on the pallet for longer than 48 hours. Humidity will kill the fescue sod very quickly. 

For more fescue sod facts and questions give us a call.


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