How do Sod Companies Determine Their Pricing? – – 918.928.2631

Just like any other types of companies. Sod companies are not different. They price to cover overhead and expenses and also turn a profit. If you just need 2 pallets of sod installed you don’t want to work with a crew that normally installs 20k square feet per project. Its difficult for said company to be competitive. Even if they are just installing 2 pallets. You are paying for the entire crew plus the cost of hauling all their truck and trailer around. So you will want to shop around. If you are doing a larger project then you will not want to use the sod crew that only installs a few pallets at a time. These people will not be able to compete with the pricing of the larger crews. 

So to make a long story shot you just have to do your research and pick a sod crew that is going to cater to your needs. Not all sod crews are built the same have the same equipment or even do the same things on a daily basis.

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