1) How much sunlight does the area receive?

When installing sod in the Oklahoma area. You want to make sure you pay attention to the amount of sod each area you want to cover receives. Oklahoma sod thrives on the right amount of water everyday and the right amount of sunlight everyday. Your sod needs sunlight and water to produce food. Count how many hours your areas receive to help make sure your Oklahoma sod Installation project is a success.

2) What is currently in the area I want to sod?

This is a big question for every sod installation project. Sometimes we find trash, old decks, new construction, ground tree stump leftovers (Mulch), etc. you want to make sure the area is clear of all crabgrass and weeds as well. If you are re-soding an existing yard. Scalp the ground before you install the grass. Some organic material is ok but you must remove leaves before you start your Oklahoma sod installation.

3) What kind of things should I remove from my yard?

Anything roots wont want to grow through. Things like trash. Trash, plastic, rocks, leaves, and concrete.

4) What kind of gate access do you have?

That is an important question when you are considering what kind of tools your professional might want to bring to your sod project. Machines need clearance space and can help you save major time. Investigate your options and save whether you install the sod or hire a professional.

5) Do you like your grade? Do you need a sprinkler system? Do you need a new roof?

When you are considering installing sod. Do all the things that will require heavy machinery and high foot traffic before you install. If you would like ground cover and are not sure when not install sod. Give us a call at 918.928.2631 and we answer all your sod prep questions.


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