It can be hard to understand exactly what you need to do with those areas in your yard you just cant get to grow grass. You struggle with the idea of just forgetting about it and actually seeing what you can do to make it work. We want to help you make it work. This article will give you some things to consider when you are trying to pull it all together on your property.

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1) Look Up – When trying to figure out exactly how to get grass to grow in your yard. People always think the correct direction to look is down. Sometimes the correct direction to look is up. What structures, houses, trees are preventing light from reaching said area.

2) Check for Moss – Grass/Sod will not grow where moss exist. Kim treatments will easily kill moss and allow your sod to thrive.

3) Check for Water Retention – You want water to flow off your property properly standing water will prevent grass from thriving.

4) Trim Trees – Your tree might have plenty of dead limbs and other unnecessary branches hurting your tree and preventing your grass from growing.

5) Remove Shrubs – bottom line if you can take it out then do so. You would be surprised how much extra light you can get when you trim a few things back

6) Over-seed Twice a Year – If you at least receive 5 hours then you are safe to over-seed with fescue every fall and every spring.


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