Sod farms

There are three major side farms in Oklahoma. Those three star farm supply all the sod for Oklahoma and surrounding states are main sod farm is the third largest sod farm in the world.D side farms determine the price that everybody pays. When it comes to material we charge you retail so there’s no difference between our Sod prices in the farms Sod prices all sod. pricing from us is the exact same the only difference is service.

Bermuda sod does well in sunlight

Bermuda sod is the most common sod type sold here in the Tulsa area

Bermuda sod recedes itself every year Bermuda sod is extremely hardy Bermuda sod loves the sun Bermuda sod is the most common grass that sold in Oklahoma Bermuda sod spreads quickly if you have a fescue yard fescue should be over seeded every spring and every fall fescue sod can only be installed certain times of the year we install sod year-round only certain types of sod can be installed your round

How to install sod

When installing sod you want to keep it as uniform as possible. I see some people install sod with no method to the madness. You want to make sure your sod has no gaps and no overlays that’s the first step completing a successful project. When you have gaps and overlays you take away from the overall square feet you purchased. The next step is to create your border. Creating a border allows you to to prevent damaging concrete, brick, and other items on your property. Running a sod border parallel keeps your machete away from your house. The last thing you want is chipped concrete or brick.

Once your create your border run the remainder of your sod parallel all the same direction. Be sure to keep one side further than the other to keep your rows straight. You will want some kind of machete or knife to cut the rows of sod you create into the border. Sometimes with odd shapes you have to get creative with your border. The main thing to remember about sod is the goal is to get it installed. Sometimes your install will be less than perfect either because it’s your first time or it’s an awkward shape to work with. Make sure when you complete your install you fix all gaps and overlays in your yard.

Sod prices Tulsa Oklahoma

Sod prices vary based on the service that comes with it. When picking a sod supplier or installation crew you want to pick a supplier that has good ratings and a great track record. The sod organizations that usually have the best prices have the lowest overhead. Sod operations run just like any other business. If they have debt part of your obligation for choosing said sod crew is helping them pay their debts.

Some sod crews operate on debt some own equipment and some rent. Often times your best cheapest service is going to come from people that rent or own their equipment. You also want to make sure if your sod supplier is renting their equipment you feel confident they can operate said equipment properly.

I always get customers that will call in and ask the million dollar question. “ how much for a pallet of sod?” Sometimes the next question is how much to install? It’s impossible to tell without looking at the property first. If you are interested in getting sod installed call or comment below.

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