Bermuda Sod Install Job Recap

This Customer was needing something easy and quick so they could sell their home. They had been dealing with mud and grass not growing from what they said for a long time. We recommended bermuda sod with fescue seed put under the bermuda sod. This allows the fescue seeds to stay in place and germinate. This is a great combination for areas in your yard you have trees and want the best of both worlds at the best cost.

the biggest secret people don’t practice with fescue sod is the continual over seeding. Fescue sod must be over seeded every spring and every fall if you want to have a full yard year in and year out. Fescue seed is very affordable and can be purchased in bulk by giving us a call.

For this job we installed 4 pallets of bermuda sod under the customers trees right next to the house. The customers continually gave us compliments which felt great as we were working. They asked questions about the watering schedule which I explained and also how the seeds are going to work with the sod to produce the best result.

Once we got done they loved the result and their yard is already over seeded for the fall months with fescue seed.

more pictures can be found here and all over all our social media accounts.

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To order sod or speak to a professional just give us a call! 918.928.2631.

Bermuda Sod Installation – 918.928.2631
Bermuda Sod Installation – 918.928.2631

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