10/12/19 – Fescue Sod Install Job recap

This job started with the customer telling us how bad the last sod crew did. He basically told us how they didnt pay attention to any details and basically laid the sod in a way to where water started to run places they they did not want it to run. The customer was looking to sell his house and get the proper ground cover under his trees. He tried other types of sod before in the past and decided to go with fescue this time.

If you a re homeowner in the bixby, oklahoma area and are looking to get fescue sod installed in your back or front yard remember you have to reseed your yard twice a year. You need to reseed your yard every spring and every fall. Be sure to ask what prices are. If you keep up ion reseeding you will not have to pay for sod once every 2- 3 years. This will also help you to actually enjoy your yard. your animals will also thank us later. Every time we install sod at a home where there are dogs they always run laps and are very excited to enjoy their new yard.

So we started by having the sod delivered. We cut and delivered 800 square feet of sod. We started by raking the ground to remove the old dead sod that was there. Once that was complete we lightly raked the dirt and installed the sod on top of the dirt. We started by creating a border with the sod and rolling the sod out with the border we created. This allows us to keep rows straight and also gives us an easy pattern to follow when installing the sod.

Also remember when you are installing sod. Each pallet weighs about 2 thousand pounds. If you are interested at installing the sod yourself remember you are going to be working very very hard. If you have any kind of back problems or were told by a doctor not to lift heavy things. Saving money by installing your sod will only cost you more in the long run.

Once the job was complete we went and got the customer to show him the completed sod installation. he was very happy with how green and healthy his sod looked. he gave us plenty of nice compliments.

We kindly educated him on how to water his new yard checked the sprinkler heads and left. If you live in bixby and have questions about how fresh cut sod can help you and your pets enjoy your back yard again give us a call at 918.928.2631 to speak to a professional. If you build homes, pools, or are in the landscaping business looking for a reliable supplier give us a call and ask about our contractor clubs that award discounts based on weekly purchase volumes.

Check oklahomasoddelivery.wordpress.com for information on contractor pricing.

visit quantumsod.com for tons of free sod installation articles

and visit tulsasod.online for the best sod installation prices in all of tulsa!

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