Bermuda Sod – Year Round Installation, Delivery, and Pickup – Tulsa , Broken Arrow, Coweta Oklahoma – Quantumsod.som – 918.928.2631

When purchasing sod it can be hard to understand what type you need and even harder to understand what time of you you should potentially install your sod. We are going to help you understand more about bermuda sod so you are more comfortable taking car of all those bare muddy spots in your yard.

Bermuda sod goes dormant every year all over green country. 90% of they yards and turf you look at in oklahoma have bermuda in them. Bermuda sod is the most common sod sold in oklahoma year in and year out.

Bermuda sod will need at least 6 hours of sunlight to thrive.

Bermuda sod reseeds its self very aggressively so it can afford to go dormant every fall and winter and prepares its self to do so. Purchasing dormant grass is better for you because you will spend less money getting your new lawn established. You will use considerably less water establishing a new lawn in the winter or fall vs the middle of summer. Also sod will get a huge head start on the spring months which means your sod will do even better when its time to start producing beautiful green blades of grass.

We offer leaf removal & bermuda sod bundles for the perfect fall clean up combination. Bermuda sod spreads; A properly watered lawn will often times always stay full because of this.

If your bermuda sod has bare spots where mud is exposed and it’s making your yard less desirable. Call us today so we can stop by and help you build your turf! We will educated you so you understand why as well.

Bermuda sod can be installed year round. You can bundle sod installation with leaf removal, and mulch for the absolute best winterization plan for your turf and flowerbed.

call today for all our mulch colors and current sod pricing 918.928.2631

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