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It’s almost Christmas time and we know that means some of you might not only be cooking everyone’s favorites, and also hosting family and friends over for a good time. We know some of you also spend countless hours preparing the inside of your home to look flawless. We wanted to give you a few pointers that will have the outside of your home looking just as perfect

1. Rake your leaves up – leaves will prevent grass from growing health and strong. Just like us sod needs air, sunlight, and water to remain healthy. If you leave leafs in your lawn for multiple seasons chances are your turf will be bare under that leaf pile. Leaves must be up every season to maintain a full lawn. Your best sod crews will offer lead clean up and removal at a fee to make sure you have the beautiful yard you have always wanted.

2. Look for bare spots – bare spots will stay bare until you sod them or seed them. Dirt will continue to be brought inside day in and day out

3. Sod loves the extra moisture in the ground – your soda roots will love the extra moisture in the ground that winter provides. Your freshly installed sod will need less water and get established the fastest during winter months

4. Instant curb appeal. – no one likes looking at a yard that’s a hot mess. Cleaning up leaves, installing sod, and installing mulch are all things that when done by professionals will instantly make your yard look beautiful and be much more enjoyable.

5. You will have a yard you can always enjoy. – just like anything else in life what you out your attention on will typically improve and be more desirable. Same thing goes for your outdoor living space! You, your kids, pets, and anyone else you host at your home will create that many more memories by adding a functional back yard to the mix.

For questions about current pricing or which type of sod you need in your property call 918.928.2631 or visit

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