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Spring means its time to start preparing your yards for the exciting summer ahead of us. We are going to give you a few tips for making sure your yard is safe and full this year.

1) Fill In Low Areas With Topsoil – Those low areas that expose roots and the bottom of concrete, collect water and moss (fungus), and make your ground uneven when walking or running should all be considered when evaluating what improvements your yard might need. Truckloads of topsoil is a great addition to any sod installation project. Covering those exposed and low areas will make your property safer and add major curb appeal.

2) Get up All Your Leaves – Leaves prevent your Broken Arrow turf from receiving needed sunlight to produce food. Removing leaves will help your Tulsa turf take advantage of rain and sunlight needed to produce food

3) Plan to have a watering budget – The smallest amount of watering over the summer months can help your yard tremendously. Just like anything else your yard will love consistency. Consistently watering for 15 minutes once a week when you usually don’t water at all will go a long way.

4) Patch up bare spots – Sod loves getting established in cooler temperatures. Take advantage and install your sod when the ground is less stressed out, dry, and hot!

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