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Bermuda sod is great for the full sun areas of your yard. Bermuda sod Is a very very hearty grass and can survive in the worst and driest conditions. When installing bermuda sod always water directly after installation. Bermuda sod loves sunlight water and air. Bermuda sod does reseed its self while still active and not dormant. Bermuda Sod can be installed year round.

Bermuda sod delivery is don by appointment. Bermuda Sod delivery is available for every city in Oklahoma by calling 918.928.2631. You can have a sod professional come out to measure and see how many square feet you need or you can measure yourself.

You can install Bermuda sod year round. You can install Bermuda sod yourself or pay a sod professional to do the sod work for you. When you install Bermuda sod consider installing topsoil before installation. When you install Bermuda sod consider overseeding fescue in low light areas under trees.

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