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Do you have areas of your yard that don’t receive much sunlight? Does this leave your yard mud-caked and filthy when it rains? We want to help you take control creating the lawn perfect for creating lasting memories with all your friends and family

1) Overseed Fescue Sod Twice A Year – This will help build your turf since fescue sod does not reseed its-self.

2) Rake Your Leaves Up – Take a few hours or a few hundred dollars depending on the size of your property. Either route you take your lawn will thank you!

3) Spray Your Weeds – Do it yourself or have professionals come out. Lest you are willing to take a couple months letting the problem fix its-self your best bet is to spray and forget about it.

4) Trim Your Trees Now – Trim them before they are full of bugs and leaves. You will thank us later!

5) Prepare a Minimal Watering Schedule – 15 Minutes once a week will go a long way Vs just letting things ‘Happen’ Everything loves a routine including your fescue grass!

For more helpful Fescue Sod Facts check QuantumSod.com.

For current fescue sod pricing call 918.928.2631.

For orders over 10,000 Square feet check OklahomaSodDelivery.Wordpress.com. Builders, Contractors, and Sod professionals can call for the best pricing for large fescue orders.

Do you you live in Sand Springs and use Twitter? Learn more about sod on Twitter.

Do you live in Broken Arrow and use Instagram? See more about what sod has to offer on Instagram.


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