Bermuda Sod Installation – Bermuda Sod Delivery – Bermuda Sod Pick Up

Tulsa Oklahoma
Coweta Oklahoma
Bixby Oklahoma
Jenks Oklahoma
Broken Arrow Oklahoma

Bermuda sod installation takes place year round in Oklahoma. Having a full and healthy yard not only makes it safer for kids to enjoy the outdoors. A full lawn helps cut down on the amount of mosquitos and helps pets not track in unwanted mud and dirt.

Sod is the top layer of grass on your topsoil and just like anything else in your house has to be tended to. After purchase result vary based on a few key points. We are going to cover a few of these to help you have a successful sod installation project.

1) Invest in Prep Work – Remove leaves, sticks, rocks and anything else that will prevent the roots on your sod from easily accessing dirt.

2) Be Ready to Water – Immediately after rolling out your sod be ready to water heavily during extreme hot temperatures.

3) Fertilize Before Installation – All fertilization should be done as part of prep work.

500 SqFt Sod Pallets – Bermuda Sod – Call 918.928.2631 for current bermuda sod installation pricing or visit



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