Bermuda Sod – Full Sun Sod

Full Sun Sod – 500 SqFt Pallets – 10,000 SqFt Truckloads


Installing Sod After Pool Construction – Sodding After Pool Construction – 500 SqFt Pallets of Bermuda Sod

Tulsa Oklahoma
Broken Arrow Oklahoma
Coweta Oklahoma
Jenks Oklahoma
Owasso Oklahoma

Bermuda sod is a very common type of sod to put down after pool construction. We are going to cover a couple tips to make sure you get the most out of your purchase

1) Try To Stay Off Sod – You will be excited about having your new pool completed and ready to use. We just ask for your first couple weeks after rolling out your sod you stay off of it.

2) Water Heavy – Spend time making sure you have a solid plan to get water to every inch of your sod regularly.

Call 918.928.2631 for current sod pricing.



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