Installing Sod After Stump Removal – Bermuda Sod – Full Sun Sod – DIY Pro Tips

500 SqFt Bermuda Sod Pallets 

Did you just have a stump removed and have a need for sod on your property to build your turf? If so we are going to give you a couple key tips to make sure your turf looks great a few years from now.

1) Remove mulch after stump grinding – Mulch doesn’t do anything for roots. Roots cannot draw nutrients from mulch or wood. Make sure you select the option to have the mulch removed before your sod crew arrives.

2) Be Prepared to Order Topsoil – Once the leftover mulch is hauled away. Your grade will most likely need to be reworked. Being prepared to pay for dirt-work after the mulch is removed will help you have a better end result.

3) Be Prepared to Water – It doesn’t take long for this Oklahoma heat to dry things up. In order to protect your new investment you will want to make sure you have a plan to keep the ground fairly saturated with water for two weeks following installation.

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