Broken Arrow Sod Installation – Coweta Sod Installation – Tulsa Sod Installation⠀

20,000 Square Feet of Bermuda Sod, Zoysia Sod or Fescue Sod⠀

Did you just have a home built? Do you have large areas on your property that turns muddy when it rains? Do you have a need for sod on your jobsite? Did you just have a pool built that will soon need sod? Is your property suffering from erosion exposing unwanted roots? Before you buy we are going to cover a few quick facts that will help you make an educated decision.⠀

1) Sod Is Installed Year Round – The cooler months provide additional moisture as less is burnt off by the sun during the day. Cooler Temperatures provide the best conditions for fresh cut sod to get established.⠀

2) Sod Loves Being Installed In The Cooler Months – Since less heat is burned off during the day. Post installation care becomes easier as you are able to save money with less watering. ⠀

3) Save Money By Installing Sod During The Winter Months – The winter months are great for homeowners that just completed construction or want to have the least amount of maintenance allowing their new lawn to become established.⠀

4) Sod Prevents and Stops Erosion – Sod’s roots hold dirt in place. Sod will prevent further erosion instantly.⠀

5) The Larger Your Sod Order The More You Save – Take full advantage of all the savings possible by ordering exactly what you need to make your project look great.⠀

Need more than 20,000 Square feet? Call 918.928.2631 for current Bermuda sod pricing or visit⠀

Live in Owasso? Need over 10,000 square feet of sod? Visit for current sod pricing or call 918.928.2631⠀

Live in Sand Springs? Learn more about sod for free on out Facebook.⠀

Live in Tulsa? Still not sure what sod is? Visit our Quantum Sod Instagram to see more about how sod works.⠀⠀

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