2021 Wholesale Bermuda Sod Pricing – 10,000 Square Feet Sod Delivery – Bermuda Sod, Fescue Sod, Zoysia – Quantum Sod – 918.928.2631

Tulsa Oklahoma
Broken Arrow Oklahoma
Coweta Oklahoma

Do you have a Tulsa Oklahoma sod project that you are looking to complete? Do you purchase sod often for your business? Do your customers often order sod after your crew is done working? Do you have large areas on your property that will require sod soon? Are you tired of having large muddy areas in your lawn every time it rains and snows? We are going to cover a few quick tips to remember before you order.

1) Sod Loves Getting Established In The Cooler Months – The cooler months allow for all grass sod types to become established easier and faster after being installed. The ground naturally retains more moisture which is great for freshly planted sod.

2) Winter Installation Saves You Money – All sod must be watered heavily after installation for best results. Less water is burned off during the day which means you will spend less money post installation on watering.

3) Sod Makes Your Yard Safer For Children and Keeps Dirt Outside – Sod improves traction and makes yards considerably safer for children to enjoy. Sod’s roots hold the dirt in place prevent less from being brought inside.

Call 918.928.2631 for current sod delivery and sod installation pricing or visit QuantumSod.com


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