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Are you tired of not being able to get grass to grow under trees? Are you tired of having to wash your kids’ nice new clothes because the backyard is full of exposed topsoil? Imagine your favorite football team playing ball ok mud or dirt. Not only would they be less safe, but they would also drag additional dirt into the locker room. Sod roots hold topsoil into place and helps keep dirt outside.

To make sure your set up to get the most out of your sod we are going to cover a few quick tips to make sure your prepared to take care of your new plants.

1) Be Prepared To Water – All plants including sod need plenty of water post installation. This may increase your water bill so have a budget in mind that includes those additional cost for watering as well

2) Consult a Pest Management Company Before You Install Sod – Pest invade quickly and in ways the typical eye is not prepared to see threats coming. Sometimes your new plants can be a pest favorite meal. Make sure your yard is cleared for all destructive pest before installation.

Raking up your leaves, picking up loose tree branches, gumballs, acorns, rocks, trash from old projects, refreshing your mulch, raising your sprinklers, and getting them set will all be the little things that make you smile this holiday season knowing you are prepared for spring.

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