Premier Sod Delivery Near Me In Oklahoma City | Aesthetic Zoysia Grass Sod | Breathtaking Turf Farm

Bixby Oklahoma
Midwest City Oklahoma
Del City Oklahoma

10,000 Square feet of Bermuda sod is one semi load. Semi trucks are big and heavy. Each truck and machine used requires space for clearance Understanding what to plan for can help your sod delivery go extremely smooth

  1. Plan On Being Available All Day – Sometimes trucks run behind for many different reasons. To help you have realistic expectations, being available a few hours before and after  your expected delivery is best
  2. Communicate Overhead Powerlines, Gate Sizes, and Trees to Delivery Crew – These are the key ingredients to a successful sod delivery.
  3. Prepare For The Cost of Freight – Each semi or delivery truck has a separate cost. If you require multiple trucks be prepared to pay for multiple delivery fee’s.

Just have a home built? Need more than 10,000 square feet of sod on your property?
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