Tulsa Sod Delivery | Broken Arrow Sod Delivery Near Me | Coweta Turf Delivery Near Me

Tulsa Oklahoma
Broken Arrow Oklahoma
Coweta Oklahoma

Do you have holes in your turf? Do children and pets drag unwanted dirt into your home every time they go out to play? Sod offers traction for the most intense games of tag and the roots helps keep dirt outside. Who wants to clean up extra messes after a long day at work? Sod provides curb appeal and can easily be rolled out and watered in.

We are going to cover a few quick sod pro tips to make sure your Tulsa Oklahoma sod delivery goes smooth!

1) Measure Each Area You Want to Sod In Square Feet.

2) Order Your Sod 2-3 Days Early.

3) Plan Side Projects (Removing Leaves, Cleaning Gutters, Re-Freshen Mulch, and Purchase Fresh Holiday Decorations) Around The Same Time As Your Sod Delivery.

Need current sod delivery pricing fast? Call 918.928.2631 or visit www.freesodestimates.online

Live in Tulsa and use Facebook? Learn about sod online on our Facebook page.

Live in Broken Arrow and use Instagram? Learn more about sod on our Instagram page.

Don’t use social media? Learn about sod and outdoor living on our podcast presented by Spotify.


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