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Halloween is getting close and all our favorite holiday traditions are slowly appearing at all our favorite stores. As the temperatures drop and we all prepare to spend more time inside during the winter; Having a fun and eventful holiday is at the top of our priority list. Winterizing your lawn makes your yard more functional during inclement weather and helps protect your property. We are going to cover a few quick tips to remember for every fall season.

❶ Rake Up Your Leaves Every Year – Leaves prevent valuable light from getting to your turf. When left year over year you risk damaging your turf.

❷ Freshen Up Your Mulch – Mulch is important to help retain moisture on hot days. Mulch also protects plants roots during freezes. Mulch helps plants survive all year long.

❸ Fall is For Fescue – Fescue sod loves being installed in cooler weather. The ground temperature in the fall months is great for fescue sod installation projects. Save money on watering post sod installation installing during the cooler months.

» Call 918.928.2631 for current Bermuda sod pricing or visit www.soddelivery.club

» Need more than 10,000 square feet of Bermuda sod delivered to you jobsite? Visit www.TulsaSodPrice.club

» Planning to install sod before the year is over? Learn more about sod with our podcast on Spotify.



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