DIY Bermuda Sod Prices | DIY Bermuda Sod Prices Near Me In Tulsa | Bermuda Sod Plugs in Tulsa

Tulsa Oklahoma
Broken Arrow Oklahoma
Jenks Oklahoma

Bermuda sod requires 6 plus hours of sunlight per day to survive. Bermuda sod id drought resistant and loves being installed in cooled weather. Cooler temperatures provide additional moisture which helps sod to get established quickly. Along with winterizing your yard, sod adds that final touch to make sure your property is ready to host all season long. Each pallet covers 500 square feet and weighs approximately 2,000 pounds. When purchased, each pallet can be loaded into your vehicle by hand or machine. To make sure we have the proper amount of grass cut, we schedule all pick ups. Please schedule all sod pick ups 24-48 hours in advanced.

Once you get home with your sod you will want to roll out your sod directly onto the dirt. Once you have all the sod rolled out you will want to water the same day. Continue watering for about 1 hour each day the first 2 weeks.

●Wholesale pricing starts at 40,000 square feet. Message me with questions.

❶ Free Estimates Available By Request

❷ Sod Pick Up and Delivery Available By Request 7 days a week.

❸ Delivery pricing is a flat rate based on your city.

❹ If your picking up your pallets, each pallet weighs about 2k and sits on a 4 foot x 4 foot pallet.

❺ Each pallet comes with 50 2 foot x 5 foot rolls.

❻ For best results roll out sod on dirt within 24 hours of purchase and water.

❼ Still need help on your DIY sod installation project? I have podcast I can recommend that will help you learn what you need to about the grass you are interested in purchasing for your property

Common Sod Projects Can Be

» New Home Sod Installation

» New Pool Sod Installation

» Realtors Selling Homes (Curb Appeal)

» Golf Courses

» Dog Runs

» Backyards/Front-yards (Safer; Safety for children; Traction)

» Under Trees

» Erosion Prevention/ Correction

» Post French Drain Installation

» Post Tree Stump Removal

» Post Sprinkler System Installation

» High School Playing Fields

» Commercial ( Retail, builders, construction )

» Small Turf Patchwork


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