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Fescue Sod is Great for areas of you lawn that do not receive a ton of sunlight. Fescue sod can grow in direct sunlight you just have to water your sod for additional minutes daily. Fescue sod does not reseed itself. When working with fescue grasses, we recommend all fescue customers reseed every spring and every fall to make sure their yard is full every season.

If you installed fescue sod a few years ago and cannot figure out how or why your fescue sod will not grow or has thinned out.

Could be one of a few things:

❶Water retention
❷ Fungus growing from water retention
❸ high foot traffic over multiple seasons

You can purchase fescue seed in 50 and 100 lbs pound bags. Most sod suppliers can supply you with a bag of seed no problem. We do highly recommend you over-seed with fescue before and after your fescue sod installation.

Fescue sod needs cooler weather to survive when harvested. Fescue sod’s roots can’t survive the extreme heat when trying to get re-established. Fescue sod must be watered heavily after installation to make sure the roots have a chance to get established properly.

For more information about fescue sod and current pricing call 918.928.2631 or visit QuantumSod.com

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