Heavy Blooming Bermuda Sod Prices Near Me in Woods County Oklahoma | Radiant Bermuda Sod Plugs in Murray County Oklahoma| Experienced Bermuda Sod Installation in Choctaw County Oklahoma | QuantumSod.com

● Alva Oklahoma
● Sulphur Oklahoma
● Hugo Oklahoma

Do you have holes in your turf? Do parts of your yard become muddy and messy every time it rains? Do your pets or your children’s shoes always drag in unwanted dirt into your home? Sod is the top layer of grass on the topsoil. Sods roots hold topsoil in place outside of your home. We are going to give you a few sod Pro-Tips to make sure your sod project runs smoothly.

❶ Measure The Are You Want To Sod In Square Feet

❷ Remove All Leaves, Sticks, Branches, and Vegetation Before Installing Sod

❸ Water Post Installation And Stay Off.

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