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Do your pets paws always drag unwanted dirt into your home? Are you tired of being the only house on the block that cannot get grass to grow in their lawn? Did you just have a tree removed or have a pool built? Sod is a great option for anyone looking to hold topsoil in place and also add instant functionality to your turf. Vibrant thick turf is the start to a great outdoor living experience. We want to make sure you and your home is ready to create memories all holiday season 2021.

Follow along with us as we cover a few quick pro tips to help you prepare for the 2021 holiday season hosting your friends and family.

❶ Start Getting Your Leaves Up Every Year – Leaves in the tree canopy and on the ground all prevent sunlight from getting to your turf. Removing light obstructions will help you grow healthier turf every season.

❷ Purchase and Install Fresh Mulch Every Year – Mulch helps keep plants roots safe during hard freezes. Having the proper amount of mulch will help keep your plants alive through the winter.

❸ Save Money Post Installation By Installing Your Sod During The Cooler Months – Save considerable money post installation watering your sod. Less moisture is burned off during the day due to cooler temperatures. This leaves additional moisture in the ground that helps your sod get rooted and established quickly.

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