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Broken Arrow Oklahoma
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Sod – Sod Delivery – Sod Installation – Mulch – Gravel – Rocks – Sand

Broken Arrow sod delivery takes place year round. Broken Arrow sod companies delivery 1-10 pallets at a time. You will want to make sure you measure for all the sod you will need before you make your order. You will want to utilize all the space the sod truck has. No reason to pay extra delivery fees. Not knowing how much sod you need will often times leave you in that situation. Make sure from the beginning you have a few people measure along with you just to make sure. Always make sure you order any fertilizers, seeds, topsoil, rock, and sand before your sod arrives. The sod you order will come fresh cut from the sod farm and ready to install. The sod you order will come pre fertilized, pre treated for bugs, and pre treated for unwanted crab grasses. Broken Arrow sod farms are unable to cut during extremely hard freezes and long rain storms. Rain storms flood sod fields and make it impossible to cut. Rain usually slows sod deliverys down. Rain will affect sod installations as well. Rain softens the ground to where machines and crews typically cant walk or run machines without leaving trails. Work with your sod installation crew to plan out the best strategy for beating the weather.

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