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Is your yard always a muddy mess? Do you wish you could enjoy your yard and host company like some of your friends but can’t because of poor turf? Are you too busy or too embarrassed to ask for help figuring out something that seems like it should take care of itself?

Now is the absolute best time to install sod. We are going to cover a few quick pro tips to make sure your ready to winterize and prepare your yard for next spring like a pro.

1) Save Money Watering After Installation – Cool temps help sod retain moisture post installation. Sod loves how easy it is to find water this time of year.
2) Rake All Your Leaves Up Every Year – Leaves prevent valuable light from getting to your sod. Rake leaves up every year to make sure your turf doesn’t get suffocated.
3) Protect Your Grade/ Add Traction – Sod protects your grade from erosion that can create problems down the line and so also helps create needed foot traction.

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