How Do I Prep My Turf For Spring? | Should I Get Started Now or Wait Until Spring Starts

Tulsa Oklahoma
Coweta Oklahoma
Jenks Oklahoma

Do you have a backyard that you wish had healthier turf instead of mud? Did you just have a pool installed or complete building a home? Do you have a need for healthy turf on your property so you can enjoy more of what you own? We are going to cover how getting started now can make a huge difference over the next 6 weeks maintaining and fixing turf.

1) Start Removing Leaves Now – Leaves prevent valuable light from reaching your turf. All turf has light requirements and does better when those are met.
2) Install Your Sod Soon – Sod loves the additional moisture the cooler months provide. Install your sod as soon as possible to make sure you get the best head start on the growing season.
3) Overseed Your Fescue Soon – Fescue sod does not reseed itself. To make sure you yard is full and lush. Overseed your fescue every spring and fall.

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