Winter Sod Installation | How Does Winter Sod Installation Work?

Tulsa Oklahoma
Coweta Oklahoma
Bixby Oklahoma

Do you have holes in your turf that always turn muddy when it rains? Do your children always drag in mud on their shoes or slip and fall every now and then when playing? Sod adds traction and we are going to cover a few quick pro tips to make sure your making memories in your new lawn all 4 seasons starting this winter.

1) Save Money Post Installation – Winter months lock moisture into the ground which helps you save money post installation on watering. Moisture helps sod get rooted quickly. This is a great combination for freshly installed sod.

2) Get A Head Start On Spring Cleaning – Raking leaves, overseeding fescue, ordering fresh mulch, and cleaning out your attic are all great use of time come spring.

3) Make Your Property More Useable – Having a yard that provides traction and keeps mud outside is a great use of energy this season. Create new memories

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