Bermuda Sod – Purchasing Sod – Tips for Installing (DIY)
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Jenks, Oklahoma

Bermuda sod is a relatively easy grass to get established in a new location. These few tips are going to help you get your Bermuda sod off to the best start possible.

1) Fertilize before you roll your sod out – If you are interested in giving your grass some extra food. Fertilize the ground before you rolls out your sod. The sod’s roots will love the extra nutrients.
2) Sod loves moisture – During summer months you must water daily to make sure your sod doesn’t get burned up. During the cooler months the ground has plenty of extra moisture for sod to get established.
3) Invite help – sod is heavy each pallet weighs 2,000 – 2,400 pounds. Multiply that times your need. If you need 5,000 square feet be prepared to haul and move 10 pallets or 20,000 pounds of Bermuda sod by yourself.
4) Feel free to ask questions – Selling Bermuda sod in 500 Square foot increments by the pallet.
Need more than 10,000 square feet? Visit or call


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