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Did you just have a tree stump removed and got left with an ugly muddy hole in your turf? Are you completing major construction or build a new home? Sod grass is sold year round in Tulsa Oklahoma. Tulsa Oklahoma is one of the premier places to purchase sod. The sod business thrives in the Tulsa Metro due to constant building and large farms supplying this portion of the country.  When searching for “Tulsa Sod Farms Near Me” be sure to include the type of sod you are looking to purchase. Tulsa sod installation happens year round in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Cleaning, fertilizing, and winterizing your yard can all help you prepare for the holiday season! As temperatures change for this region, grades become more uneven. As the temperatures cool off, irrigation and extra precipitation can add to the negative effects of erosion. Sods roots hold topsoil in place. We are going to cover a few quick tips to make sure your sod installation project is smooth!

1) Measure The Area You Are Sodding In Square Feet

2) Order The Sod 48 Hours Before Starting Your Project

3) Keep Topsoil Flat, Expose Top Layer Of Topsoil

4) Roll Out Sod

5) Water 2-3 Hours Your First 7 Days, Stay Off For First 3 Weeks

Need current sod pricing fast? Call 918.928.2631 or visit

Need more than 25,000 square feet of sod for your property? Visit for current commercial and wholesale so prices.


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