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Is Bermuda Sod Right For Your Yard? |

Tulsa Sod – Sod For Sale Near me – Bermuda Sod Grass

Tulsa Oklahoma
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Have you ever wondered how your neighbor has such a good looking yard and all you have is mud? Have you tried time and time again to get grass to grow under a tree but you just don’t know how? Tulsa Sod Farms grow grass for Oklahoma, parts of Arkansas, and parts of Missouri. When searching “ Sod for sale near me” in Tulsa Oklahoma, be sure to include the type of sod you are looking to purchase. Bermuda sod grass grown and sold in Tulsa Oklahoma enjoys 6 plus hours of sunlight per day. Bermuda sod grass is drought resistant and loves warm weather.

Tulsa sod farms have very detailed routines to produce healthy grass. We are going to cover a few quick ideas that will help you complete and maintain your new Tulsa sod lawn like a pro.

  1. Have a Fertilizer That Will Not Burn Your Yard – Certain fertilizers can react to heat and burn your yard. All year fertilizers generally have lower amounts of compounds and can in some cases be more organic. Read your labels to find out more.
  2. Have a Pest and Bug Management Product(s) – Speaking generally, certain pest can be easier to prevent than recover from. As pest work to survive, sometimes their food can be your home or your fresh grass. Applying a general product that addresses the most destructive pest for your area according to the label will help your have a better experience.
  3. Water Generously – Be on a routine that allows your plants to drink regularly and often based on temperature.
  4. Hire A Professional – If your not willing to take your yard on day by day hire a turf management company that can address your needs for you.

Live in Tulsa? Need current sod delivery pricing? Call 918.928.2631 or visit for current Bermuda sod pricing.


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