Installing Sod In Overcast Hot Weather – July/ August Sod Installations – Benefits of Heat and Sod

Tulsa Oklahoma
Jenks Oklahoma
Bixby Oklahoma
Coweta Oklahoma
Sand Springs Oklahoma
Owasso Oklahoma

 Do you live in Tulsa Oklahoma? Do you have large holes in your turf that is making your property more difficult to sell? Do children and pets track in unwanted dirt into the house? Are you ready to complete long awaited house or pool construction with a fast sod installation? We are going to cover a few things to keep in mind when installing sod yourself or having a professional install sod for you.


1)      Have a Solid Plan – They are the professional but it is your property. Understand how things are going to take place and if you are uncertain ask for clarity. You reaching for clarity on the scope of your project will help you to have a more desirable end result.

2)      Be Ready to Water Your Sod Directly Following Installation – When temperatures reach 90 plus degrees outside. It is extremely important to understand watering requirements to ensure desired results.

3)      Sod Is Installed Year Round – Sod is installed year round in Oklahoma. If you have unwanted topsoil exposed you can enjoy the benefits of sod year round

4)      Sod Cools Your Yard – Sod is around15 degrees cooler than topsoil, and around 30 degrees cooler than asphalt.


To learn more about sod visit To get current sod installation and sod delivery pricing please call 918.928.2631.


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