Can You Install Sod In Hot Humid Weather? When is The Best Time To Install Sod

Tulsa Oklahoma
Broken Arrow Oklahoma
Bixby Oklahoma
Jenks Oklahoma
Coweta Oklahoma

Do you have a need for sod in your home? Are you tired of your pets tracking in unwanted dirt? Do you wish your kids had a real yard to play? Did you just get a tree removed and you are tired of looking at th hole in your yard?

These are all very common scenarios a Tulsa home owner might be interested in purchasing sod. Not only can you install sod during the summer we are going to cover the benefits of knocking out all your sodding during the summer months

1) Sods from the bermuda family love heat – looking to build a healthy turf? Zoysia and bermuda sod both come from the bermuda family and are both very drought resistant and do well in heat. Sods from the bermuda family will do well and continue to reproduce and grow even in the hottest most humid conditions.
2) Fescue Seeds can be under-seeded and over-seeded year round – Do you have a ton of trees on your property? Fescue seed is great for areas of your yard that receive at least 4.5 hours of sunlight.
3) Natural Fertilizers – During the hotter months you get to use all natural fertilizers pet friendly like Pennington epsom salt and Milorganite which does not react to heat and can be found at local hardware stores
4) Plenty of Time to Start Preparing for Holiday Months – During the holidays it will be time tto o host family and friends. Things that will build a welcoming back or front yard can all be done now and add all the more to those special moments we are all going to create this holiday season.

If you have a need for sod on your property and would like a free installation estimate call or visit

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