Purchase Sod in Tulsa – Tulsa Sod – Bermuda Sod for Sale – DIY TIPS Before You Buy

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500 Sq Ft Bermuda Sod Pallets – $175 Ea

Did you just get a pool installed or a tree removed at your home? We are going to cover a few quick tips to help you complete your project faster and more effectively. These tips will also help you make sure your freshly purchased Bermuda sod has what it needs to survive once rolled out.

Pool Customers Purchasing Sod Should Know:

Talk to your project manager about getting the number of your topsoil grader. Scheduling time with your dirt guy or the person doing the final grade will allow you to make plans for sprinkler systems, additional concrete work, and sod. Ask questions about sod early so you can make sure you get the best result. Some pool companies only sod a specific amount so make sure you ask those questions.

Tree Removal Customers Purchasing Sod Should Know:

When you have a tree removed the stump grinders tend to leave behind mulch. Excess mulch makes it very difficult for sod to properly get established. Ask your tree removal company if they are removing the mulch they leave behind or if you are responsible for removing. If they are not and you would like your sod crew to remove make sure you ask if that is part of the prep work.

During extreme heat be sure to water your new sod generously. Bermuda Sod loves plenty of water on hot days. Sod is heavy and if you think you might need help you can look on google for a good sod installation company in Tulsa.

500 Sq Ft Bermuda Sod Pallets – $175 Ea

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