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Did you just have a pool installed? Do you have a playset in your backyard and no grass to keep everything from being getting muddy and gross? Do you kids always drag in unwanted dirt into your home on rainy days? Sod helps keep topsoil in place and messes outside.

We are going to cover a few quick tips to make sure your sod installation project runs smooth.

1)            Start Preparing to Winterize Your Whole Yard Now – Winterizing your yard is a small process with a big pay off. Having plants that survive frost due to proper preparation will make you feel good come spring. This will also help you prepare for the holidays faster because all your hard work will be out of the way faster.

2)            Sod Loves Cooler Weather – As the temperatures cool off more moisture is retained in the ground. This helps sod get established faster and with less of a watering bill on your side.

Need current sod pricing fast? Call or visit QuantumSod.com.

Need more than 40,000 Square feet of Bermuda sod? Visit http://www.OklahomaSodDelivery.Wordpress.com for wholesale pricing on Large orders.

Live in Broken Arrow? Learn more about Outdoor living on Our Podcast by clicking below.

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