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Do you live in #TulsaOklahoma or a surrounding community? Do you have a yard that is always# muddy or has huge holes in the #turf? Are you tired of cleaning up after muddy shoes and paws after a long day at your job? Do you have parts of your yard that your cannot use due to mud and dirt?

We are going to cover a few quick tips as to why now is a great time to start and complete your sod installation projects before the holidays arrive.

Sod is the top layer of grass growing on your topsoil. Having healthy turf will prevent additional messes from entering your home after a long days work. Healthy turf will also make your yard more accessible and usable. Sod Suppliers provide sod installation and sod delivery to residential and commercial customer year round. Sod farms near your home in Tulsa Oklahoma grow sod and make sure its treated for bugs and weeds before leaving the farm.

You can find sod for sale for your home or business located in Tulsa by visiting http://www.freesodestimates.online

Finding a good sod farm near me in Tulsa Oklahoma is a quick and easy way to help keep messes outside and out of your home visit http://www.oklahomasoddelivery.wordpress.com for pricing for orders over 10,000 square feet

Remember these few quick pointers before you request your estimate

1) The Holidays Are Right Around The Corner – Celebrating with the ones we loves creating lifelong memories is easier when you are prepared to host company inside your home and out. Sod adds traction, curb appeal, and helps keep topsoil outside and off shoes
2) Sod Is Installed Year Round – Some types of sod prefer the heat and grow the fastest when heat is present. The sun helps your sod to create needed food for reseeding and spreading.
3) Bermuda Sod Loves Heat and Is Drought Resistant – Bermuda sod is extremely drought resistant and loves plenty of sun. Bermuda sod does best with 6 plus hours of direct sunlight per day
4) Add On Other Services At Time of Install – Adding service like fresh mulch installation, leaf removal, brush removal, and topsoil installation are all great additions to a sod installation that will help you be ready to host family all holiday season long

Live in Broken Arrow? Learn more about sod on our instagram page.

Want to learn more about sod for free? Like our Facebook page for more useful information about purchasing and installing sod.

Live in Coweta and need sod delivered? Give us a call at 918.928.2631.

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