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 Do you have a home that just got built? Are you anxiously waiting to move into your almost completed home? Are you finally ready to start working on your landscape and laying turf? We are going to cover a few quick tips to remember when you are laying turf in large amounts on your property.


  1. Sod for Sale Is Sold in Square Feet – Sod installation and sod deliveries in Tulsa happen easiest when you have the exact amount of materials you need in square feet. Need help measuring? Visit the website below and request a free estimate.
  2. Sod Prices Depend on The Type of Grass That Will Grow on Your Property – When purchasing sod, Sod prices in Tulsa vary based on the grass type you want installed.
  3. Sodding and Sod Installation Happens in Tulsa Year Round – Learn more about the best times and seasons to install the sod you want by giving us a call or listening to our podcast.


Need more than 10,000 square feet of sod installed on your property? Visit to request a free sod estimate.


Live in Broken Arrow? Learn more about laying turf  on our Facebook page.

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