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Have you noticed the changes to your property outside in these record breaking temperatures all 2022? We have had a very dry and now humid July with our most recent Tulsa rain storms moving in. Having a well maintained outdoor living space will help you, your friends, and your family create the memories you deserve. We are going to cover why now is the best time to have your sod installed!


  1. Sod’s Roots Mature In Heat – As the temps rise and the ground dries out. Sod’s roots go deeper into the ground to find water allowing your turf to become more drought resistant.
  2. Sod Grows Fastest During The Summer Heat– Longer sunnier days help sod produce more food to grow and become thick.
  3. Sod Roots Fastest In The Heat – Sods roots become more active as the ground dries up and it becomes hotter outside. Mature roots equals healthier stronger turf.


Live in Broken Arrow? Need more than 10,000 square feet of sod? Visit www.oklahomasoddelivery.Wordpress.com or call 918.928.2631 for current sod installation pricing.

Live in Tulsa? Want to learn about sod on the go? Like our Facebook page.


Live in Coweta? Want to start a DIY Sod Project? Learn more about installing sod yourself on our Website http://www.QuantumSod.com



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