500 SqFt | Bermuda Sod Pallet
6+ Hours of Sunlight

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1 Bermuda Sod Requires 6 Hours of Sunlight Daily – As long sunny days come to an end and the cooler temperatures roll in; More moisture is retained in the ground which is great for freshly rolled out sod.

2 Bermuda Sod Helps Prevent Muddy Paws and Shoes – Sods roots help hold topsoil in place and outside. Enjoy cleaner paws and shoes all year long.

3 Bermuda Sod Should Be Rolled out Within 24 Hours of Purchase – Water each section 25 minutes twice a day when the sun is not out.

Call 918.928.2631 for current Bermuda Sod pricing. Visit www.freesodestimates.online to get current sod installation pricing.


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