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Tulsa Oklahoma
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Do you have holes in your turf that turn muddy when it rains? Do those muddy bare spots end up on pets paws every time they go outside? Sod is the top layer of grass on your topsoil. We are going to give you a few pro-tips to explain why now is the best time to sod your yard.

1) Temps Are Changing – Moderate to cool temperatures are great for transplanting sod. More moisture is retained in the ground and we still have enough heat left for roots to get established quickly.

2) Get Rooted Before Hard Freezes – Sod planted now will have optimal time to become established and rooted on your property before hard freezes.

3) Less Watering Required Post Installation – Cooler temperatures allot for the ground to retain more moisture. Less watering allows for savings post installation on watering.

Call 918.928.2631 for current bermuda sod pricing. Visit to request a free sod installation estimate.


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