Bermuda Sod comes in 500 sqft pallets. We are going to go over a few quick pro tips as to why now is the best time to purchase and roll out your sod.

1) Save Money Post Installation – Cooler temperatures at night and also during the day allow for better water retention. This means your sod will absorb more of the water you are paying for.

2) Heat Stimulates Growth – All sod is grown in direct sunlight. Sunlight and heat activate growth for Bermuda sod. This time of the year is great because the heat is still stimulating growth but not stressing the ground out.

3) Your Sod Will Be Rooted Before Hard Freezes – With just a few weeks left to plan for the holidays; now is a great time to install your sod. Take advantage of the last of the growing season and get your sod rooted before harsh winters roll in.

500 SqFt – 35,000 SqFt Available

Call 918.928.2631 for current sod installation and delivery pricing.


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