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Did you just have a pool installed at your home? Do you have bare spots in your turf that turn muddy every time it rains? Has erosion started to expose concrete and roots? We are going to go over a few quick tips to remember when you are purchasing sod and topsoil.

1) Sod Is Sold By The Square Foot – Wholesale pricing starts at 10,000 square feet. Now is a great time to install sod due to the cooler weather. This allows the ground to retain more moisture.
2) Topsoil Is Sold By The Cubic Yard – Topsoil, rock, sand, and gravel all fill in areas. That is why topsoil is sold by the cubic yard to calculate depth.
3) Save Money By Installing Your Project Now – Save money post installation on watering due to cooler weather. The ground is less stressed out from heat during the day and retaining more moisture. This is great for freshly rolled out sod on fresh topsoil.

Live in Tulsa? Need more that 10,000 square feet of sod? Call 918.928.2631 or visit for current sod pricing.

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Experiencing bad erosion? Give us a call at 918.928.2631 to speak to a sod professional on how sod can help your erosion issues on your property.


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