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Sod delivery takes place in Oklahoma year round. Sod is the top layer of grass on the topsoil. During the fall months is a great time to install sod and also have it delivered for your DIY projects. We are going to cover a few quick benefits of Tulsa fall sod installation and delivery orders.

1) It’s Easier For Sod To Get Established During Cooler Months – During the cooler months the ground retains more moisture. Less is burned off during the day. This allows for your sod to benefit the most from the watering you will be doing post installation.

2) Instant Curb Appeal – Sod will allow you to cover up muddy bare spots and add instant curb appeal to help you make the sale or have the yard you desire and want to look at.

3) Save Money – Your watering schedule during the cooler months will be considerably less than during the summer months.

Call for current bermuda sod, fescue sod, and zoysia sod pricing. visit for plenty of free information on everything sod!


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