December / January Sod Installation –

Sod is Installed year round in the Oklahoma area. Winter installations are extras special because you get to share your new lawn with family and friends creating memories that will last lifetime.

Benefits include

1. You can take care of the problem now – why wait if you don’t have to? Why continue to deal with unwanted bare spots and pets dragging dirt onto your clean floors. If you have a large family one more thing to clean up over time can seem like a new job! Fresh sod will help eliminate dirt being brought into your home from outside.
2. Dormant Sod is Low maintenance – after a winter sod installation you will not have to worry about anything besides watering a couple times within the first week.
3. More moisture is in the ground during winter months – cooler temperatures equals less evaporation. Less evaporation equals more moisture. The sod roots will have the easiest time getting established with plenty of moisture.
4. You still won’t have to cut grass for a few months – you get all the benefits of a full yard but still don’t have to cut until spring. Immediately enjoy less unwanted dirt being brought into your home and open up your yard for playtime with a real yard not mud.

For current pricing on Winter sod installation please call

If you are a contractor looking to purchase 20k or more for pick-up, delivery, installation call and ask about our contractor pricing clubs which allows you to save base on purchase volume and frequency.

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