Establishing a new lawn during the fall/winter

Fall/Winter Sod installation – Tulsa – – 918.928.2631

When you are thinking about your yard and preparing to get everything packed up for the year think of a few things. One Your leaves are not going to get themselves up. It will be next to impossible for your yard or turf to actually grow and thrive if it doesn’t get one of the main ingredients sun. Leaves prevent photosynthesis because they instantly block the blades of grass from producing food.

Step number one – Cut your trees down or rake up the leaves.

Once you have faithfully completed step one you are ready for step two.

Find all the bald spots in your yard. Chances are they should not be there. You could have mold, water retention, or small things that is preventing the grass from filling those areas in.

once you have identified your turf does have holes the next step is to decide what you are going to do. Choose to look at that same bald spot next year which can lead to a damaged foundation of any concrete structure and other serious problems. Depending on the situation you may just be dealing with a yard you cant use or mud every time it rains. The good news even if you need a whole yard installed or just a couple bare spots your new sod will get established at a cheaper price for you because you will not have to water dormant grass as often. We can help, Take control today by giving us a call to see how we can get your yard fall beautiful and spring ready! Visit or call 918.928.2631

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