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When you are rolling out your purchased Bermuda sod make sure you lay your rolls out directly onto dirt. After you have layed out all the rolls water the ground until completely saturated. For your first two weeks after you purchase and lay out your rolls water your new sod once a day for thirty minutes when the sun is not out. This will help your sod to absorb the most water.

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Spring Sod Pricing – Bermuda Sod Pricing – Fescue Sod Pricing – Zoysia Sod Pricing Tulsa Oklahoma Broken Arrow Oklahoma Coweta Oklahoma Do you live in Tulsa Oklahoma and have a need for sod on your property? For current sod pricing visit QuantumSod.com or call 918.928.2631

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Sod is great for all types of situations. Sod helps keep concrete from shifting due to erosion. Sod also adds wonderful curb appeal and functionality to every yard. Mud is slippery when wet, sods adds needed traction for children to safely play without additional hazards that will create injuries. We are going to give you a few tips for when its time to install your sod that will save you big time and money.

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Bermuda sod is great for the areas of your yard that receive at-least 6 hours of sunlight a day. For current bermuda sod pricing call 918.928.2631 or visit QuantumSod.com

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