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ng sod on your property interest you? Do you have an almost newly constructed home laying Bermuda sod, zoysia sod, or fescue sod would benefit your new home?  Did you just have a pool constructed and need information about laying sod? Laying sod is easier said than done. We are going to cover a few quick Pro-Tips to make sure you are laying sod and fully enjoying your property in no time.

Sod Installation

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Tulsa Sod Installation

Tulsa Sod Installation – Tulsa Sod Delivery – Sod Near Me – Best Sod For SaleTulsa OklahomaCoweta OklahomaBroken Arrow OklahomaBixby OklahomaJenks OklahomaSod Installation and Sod Delivery happens year round in Tulsa and Surrounding cities.Do you need more that 10,000 Square feet of sod installed on your property or job site? Visit or call 918.928.2631.We … Continue reading Tulsa Sod Installation

Can You Install Sod In October?

Can You Install Sod In October? – Fall Sod Installation – Fall Sod Delivery – – 918.928.2631Tulsa OklahomaBroken Arrow OklahomaJenks OklahomaBixby OklahomaCoweta OklahomaSand Springs OklahomaPeople always want to know the correct time of the year to install sod and always ask “ Can you install sod in October?”Not only can you install sod during … Continue reading Can You Install Sod In October?